Dealzer Growzilla 2.0 is hydroponics grow box with a powerful 125w CFL grow light and a Yo-Yo system, suitable for up to 9 plants.

Growzilla 2.0 growbox

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The Dealzer Growzilla 2.0 is a hydroponics grow box for max. 9 plants. It has a powerful 125w CFL grow light, with both flower and veg bulbs, fitted on a Yo-Yo system in order to bring the lights close to your plants. Grows up to 9 pounds of dried plant matter per year. The Growzilla is available in both 4 foot and 5'8" foot models.

This beginner friendly grow box comes fully assembled with full instructions!

Technical features:
Size (standard): 48" T x 20" W x 16.5" D
Size (DeLuxe):   68" T x 20" W x 16.5" D
Lighting: powerful Powerful 125w CFL grow light (both flower and grow bulbs included)
Yo-Yo system (adjustable)
Ventilation: 70 CFM powerful exhaust fan with carbon filter, protected outake & intake area
Dual carbon filters and Ona Block odor deodorizer
Hydroponics system with pump and bubbler