HPS SuperCool Lighting Package 600W is perfect for anyone who just needs a light!

HPS SuperCool Lighting - 600W growlight

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The 600w HPS SuperCool Lumatek Lighting Package is perfect for anyone who just needs a light! This full spectrum, dimmable & digital intelligent lighting system is expertly configured for maximum control, light penetration, temperature regulation, and peak efficiency. The SuperCool Tube includes a yo-yo system making it extremely easy to adjust the height of your light. This system utilizes the award winning Lumatek dimmable ballasts.

The ballasts give you the ability to operate your light(s) at 50%, 75%, 100%, and even at the 110% “SuperLumens” setting.

Technical features:
   25 1/2″ by 6″ (diameter) Tempered Glass Reflector
   600w HPS Bulb – 92,000 Lumens
   Lumatek 600w Dimmable Digital Ballast
   138 CFM Axial Fan installed
   Dual Yo-Yo’s for easy installation and suspension

This same HPS SuperCool system is also available in 400W and 1000W versions!